Automotive Locksmith in Columbus, OH

Snap & Crack Locksmith is your go-to automotive locksmith in Columbus, OH. We provide services to meet all your auto locksmith needs in the Columbus, Ohio area, whether you’re experiencing an auto lockout or need your vehicle’s ignition repaired. We are proud to be the most reviewed automotive locksmith in the Columbus, OH area. Our customers are consistently happy with our affordable, timely, and professional services.

You can find us in the following locations:


Call us today at 614-701-9991 if you need an automotive locksmith in Columbus, OH.

If you’ve experienced an auto lockout in Columbus, OH, Snap & Crack Locksmith is here to help! With four locations in Columbus, Ohio, we are a leader in automotive locksmith services and can handle most makes and models of cars. We can duplicate keys at a lower cost than your local dealership. Choose your car’s make from the brands below to see a list of models and keys we can replace.

Ignition Repair & Replacement

Snap & Crack has a skilled team of locksmiths that specialize in car ignition repair. Our mobile locksmith trucks can provide same day service for most vehicles. We provide an affordable service with car ignition repairs at an average of 60% less than local car dealerships.


If the switch has already been changed and you’ve lost your car keys again, Snap & Crack Locksmith can help. For this, our locksmiths may need to re-key the new cylinder to the original ignition in order to keep your keycode valid and original. It’s always better to code the new ignition to match your key code. This will eliminate the need to carry two sets of keys, as your car door locks and ignition key will remain the same.


Contact us today to learn more about our services if you are in need of an automotive locksmith to repair or replace your vehicle’s ignition.


Broken Car Key Extraction

Did your key break in your ignition or door cylinder? Snap & Crack Locksmith has you covered! Our highly-trained automotive locksmiths in Columbus, OH can extract your key and make a new one on the spot. Extracting a broken key from the lock or ignition can be difficult for some people, but at Snap & Crack, our locksmiths are experts in extracting keys in many different situations!

Our mobile locksmith service is fast and efficient. Our four store locations are spread across Columbus, Ohio, so our locksmiths will arrive in a timely fashion.


Rental Car & Lot Locksmith Service

Are you in need of a frequent auto locksmith service? We provide bulk automotive locksmith service options for your new or used car dealership, repo service, auto auction, car rental, or corporate fleet. Contact us today about our bulk locksmith service!

  • New/Used Car Dealerships

  • Repo Companies

  • Auto Auctioneers

  • Car Rental Companies

  • Corporate Fleets










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