In-Store Services

We serve the Greater Columbus area, so no matter where you live in Greater Columbus we will be there! When you call in, ALL of our quotes are the guaranteed final price.

We will install the best locks at the best price, and you are assured a great experience! 



High Security Car Keys

Need a laser-cut key? We got it!!!
Laser-cut keys are often referred to as sidewinder keys, due to the distinctive winding cut on the shank. The machines needed to cut these keys are significantly more expensive than a standard key-cutting machine and are not as likely to be found at every locksmith or hardware store. At Snap & Crack Locksmith we provide high security car key duplication and high security car key replicants. We carry all the high security key blanks in our shop so we could defiantly help you!

Car Key Duplication

Car key duplication at Snap & Crack Locksmith is fast & affordable and in our opinion is necessary when you have only 1 key for your vehicle. When locking your keys inside the car or losing your only car key and you don’t have a spare is something you can avoid. Stop by to one of our store front locations and enjoy a easy car key duplication experience. We carry a wide range of car keys: basic mechanical keys, transponder/chip key (key that needs to be programed) and push to start remotes.   Our shops are fully equipped with the most advanced key copying machines and key programmers. We recommend calling to inquiry availability before walking to one of our shops so we can make sure your know the year make and model of the vehicle.


Snap & Crack Locksmith offers in-house rekey!
You can bring your residential or commercial locks to our shop and typically we can rekey your locks on the spot or by the end of the day if brought in timely. It’s recommended for business owners to rekey their lock once they get into a new office or if you just purchased a new house &  you want to make sure no one has the keys to your property.

Lock Repair

Having issues with your lock and want a professional to advice if repairable? Bring it to one of our lock shops and a highly trained locksmith will diagnose the problem. We work on a larger variety of residential and commercial locks such as:  mortise locks, residential door knob and dead bolt, commercial levers, panic bars and more.  


Lost your only key or combination to your safe or lock box?
We got you covered! Bring it to us and we will do our best to unlock it clean by creating a new key or combination.

Fobs and Remotes

Why go to the dealer when we could save you time and money. You could save over 50% by coming to one of our shops and programming a remote is usually just a few minutes once you step in the shop. Please call for availability!

How We Work 

We’ve seen it all!
So we know that there are so many variations to lock issues; make, model, year, distance as well as complexity of the lock so when you call in our experts will walk you through the best choices for you.  You will then receive a final quote that Snap & Crack Locksmith will stand by.

We are honest, transparent and easy to work with!
Prices are for normal business hours every day 9am – 7:30pm, with both High St. locations by appointment only. After hours business prices may change, please just call us and we’ll give you a guaranteed final quote.


Security for your home starts at the front door.  To protect your home and family we recommend all entrance doors be secured with deadbolt and high security locks. Snap & Crack technicians have all the tools and skill needed to provide this protection. We can promptly help you with lockouts, lock replacement, rekeying and master keying.


Snap & Crack are technicians are highly trained and offer a wide range of commercial security solutions for industry, small businesses, offices and shops. In addition, Snap & Crack can help you quickly and efficiently with any kind of lockout you may encounter at your business. We will install the BEST locks at the BEST price.


Snap & Crack is available for all of your vehicle lock needs. Many cars today use high security transponder, VATS, MRD, and passkey type security systems to prevent car theft. Snap & Crack can make these keys and program them to your car computer. Our high security key machines can also do sidewinder keys, also known as laser cut keys. Whether your keys are locked in your car or transponder key is broken, Snap & Crack will have you back on the road in no time!


Snap & Crack is available for all of your safe needs. If you are looking to purchase, we have a wide selection. We also provide new key combinations as well as opening and repairing your safe. Make it a safe bet, and call Snap & Crack Locksmith for all of your safe needs, Please call for pricing!